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  • First Strike Rounds (FSR) Update - Crowdfunding

    12:52 06/12/2016

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    The UKPSF are pleased to annouce that after discussion with Laurence Coetser of Magfedpbuk Ltd, there wil now be testing for the FSR. Laurence is funding the ballistics testing, but has also created a Crowdfunding page to raise the some of the funds. 

    For those that would like to see FSR used in the future we would ask that you consider donating to the Crowdfunding page in support of the saftey testing, so that they might be deemed safe and "frangable" for use on UK Paintball fields. 

    Click this link to be directed to the Crowfunding page.

    "We are Magfedpbuk the only Magfed Only paintball store in the U.K. We have arranged to have the First Strike rounds tested at a UK MOD ballistic testing site to prove that the FS rounds are safe to use on U.K. Paintball fields. 
    We have the backing of the UKPSF to do the testing and they will gladly support and recommend fields to allow to use the rounds again if testing shows it to be safe to use. They as much as us hope that the testing will show the rounds to safe to use as it is an important part of the Magfed paintball community. 
    Most companies manufacture Magfed paintball makers to shoot FSR and make accessories that make it possible to shoot FSR better in most makers. 
    Not having the fields on-board to allow the FSR to be used has had a big impact on the Magfed paintball community and has stopped a lot of new players coming into the sport and has had a mayor effect on the retail sector in the U.K.  
    I have taken on myself and my company to have the FS rounds tested for the paintball community in the UK to yes help my store sell more product but to give all players the pleasure and the advantage that FS rounds bring to the sport and the game. 
    Anyone that has shot the rounds can tell you how great they are and how they can change the dynamic of the game. 
    We’re hoping to raise £1,500 to cover half the cost of ballistic testing of First Strike rounds to settle the question of frangibility and show FSR are safe to use on UK paintball fields. Just a small donation from those who love paintball and the Magfed game will see us hit the target and help safeguard the future if the sport we love. Please donate and share the appeal on Facebook in paintball groups.

    Testing takes place on the 6th December and results will be available soon after which will make a nice Christmas present for the paintball community." 


  • UKPSF Conference 2016 - Notice

    17:25 04/03/2016

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    Please find below the notice of motions and agenda for the 2016 AGM.

    In addition there are copies of the draft policies for approval, and the forms for formal sport recognition & the Leeds Beckett proposal. 



    UK Paintball Sports Federation

    Notice of nominations and motions

    Annual General Meeting at 10am on 10 March 2016

    At the Jury’s Inn Hotel, East Midlands Airport


    No nominations for election as members of the Council, nor motions for consideration by the AGM, were received by the deadline of 10am on 1 March 2016.


    The motions before the meeting will therefore be:


    1)    to approve the actions of the Council since the AGM of 2015

    2)    to approve the annual report and accounts

    3)    to approve the draft Complaints Procedure

    4)    to approve the draft Child Protection Policy

    5)    to approve the draft Equality and Diversity Policy

    6)    to adopt the foregoing into the Constitution, Code of Practice for Site Operators and Code of Conduct for Players.


    Copies of the draft policies referred to above are attached for your consideration ahead of the AGM.


    By way of explanation for introducing the above policies, having such policies in place are general good practice and in line with both statutory requirements and the expectation of many client groups, including local authorities, schools, scouts and other.

    Furthermore, they are all policies that the governing bodies of sports are expected to have in place by Sport England and hence are an important component of any application that may be made for formal sport recognition.


    The agenda for the AGM is as follows:


    1)    Approval of the Minutes of the AGM held on Wednesday 18 March 2015.

    2)    Matters arising (where not dealt with elsewhere on the agenda)

    3)    Chair’s Report on the affairs of the UKPSF since the last AGM

    4)    Treasurer’s Report

    5)    Election of officers (no nominations having been received the existing Council members shall remain the incumbents)

    6)    Motions for approval (as above)

    7)    Making application to Sport England for formal sports recognition (copies of pre-application and full application forms attached, and a proposal for research to support the application from Leeds Beckett University)

    8)    Membership

    9)    Any Other Business.


    Bob Schofield

    Chair, UKPSF                                                              2 March 2016


    Please click below to view documents to be approved at the AGM.

    Leeds Becket Project proposal 

    Sport Recognition Pre-Application

    Sport Recognition Full Application Form

    UKPSF Complaints Policy

    UKPSF Child Protection Policy

    UKPSF Equality and Diversity Policy



  • AGM Notice – Call for nominations 2016/17

    11:39 16/02/2016

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    UKPSF logo

    Posted on: 8th February 2016

    By: Bob Schofield


    UK Paintball Sports Federation, Annual General meeting 2016

    Notice is hereby given in accordance with the constitution of the above Federation that its Annual General Meeting will be held at 10am on Thursday March 10, 2016 at the Jury’s Inn Hotel, East Midlands Airport.

    All members in good standing (that is, with valid current memberships) shall be entitled to attend the AGM and to vote on such matters as are to be determined by a vote of the membership.

    Notice is also hereby given of a CALL FOR NOMINATIONS for the posts to be subject to election at the AGM.

    The officer posts are:
    • Chair (incumbent: Bob Schofield)
    • Treasurer (incumbent: Jock McCracken)
    • Secretary (incumbent: Kayleigh Stanton)

    The sub-committee posts, representing various aspects of paintball, are:
    • Player: (Incumbents: Eric Bell, James Gregory. Standing down: Craig Pattison).
    • Sites: (Incumbents: Don Logan, Ainsley Baddely)
    • Trade: (Incumbents: Anthony Leadbetter, Fraser Colley, Tim Taylor)

    Any member in good standing may be nominated for any of the above posts subject to:
    1) the nominated member being willing to stand;
    2) the nominated member being proposed and seconded by members in good standing;
    3) the post for which the nominated member is to be considered being stated;
    4) the nominated member providing a statement* in support of their nomination;
    5) the Chair receiving the nomination by email to by 10 am on Monday 1 March 2016.

    A list of such valid nominations together with their proposer, seconder and statement in support, shall be published by Tuesday 2 March 2016 on the Federation’s web-site and Facebook page.

    Incumbent council members will automatically be considered nominees, without requirement for a proposer and seconder. Where posts are uncontested incumbent members will continue in their roles without the requirement of a vote.

    Members unable to attend the AGM may cast their votes electronically by emailing their preferences to not later than 12 noon on Monday 7 March 2016.

    *The purpose of the statement in support of a nomination is to assist those unable to attend the AGM and who are casting a vote by email.

    Business & Resolutions at this Annual General Meeting of the UKPSF

    The business to be conducted at the AGM to be held at 10am on Thursday 10 March 2016 shall include:
    1) Receive and approve/amend the minutes of the Annual General Meeting of 2015
    2) Address by the President or Chair
    3) Report on the general conditions and activities of the UKPSF in 2015/16.
    4) Presentation and adoption of Audited Accounts
    4) Resolutions
    a) to endorse the actions of the Council during 2015/16
    5) Election of members of the Council of the UKPSF & honorary members (if any)
    6) Appointment of the Auditor for the ensuing year
    7) Any other resolutions of the Council, such resolutions to be included in the notice of nominees for council posts.

    8) Any resolutions sent to by 12 Noon on Monday March 1, 2016 that are proposed and seconded by members in good-standing, as provided in the constitution.

    No business shall be conducted in the AGM other than that described above.

    Open forum
    An open forum discussion will be held after the AGM. The purpose of the open forum is to give all members an opportunity to raise such matters as are of interest/concern to them and thereby inform the work of the Council during 2016/17.

    Bob Schofield

  • News Update May 2015

    11:35 16/02/2016

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    We’ve all had a bit of a breather since the Annual Conference in March: it took a huge amount of effort to organise in a few short months but, judging by the very positive feedback, it was well worthwhile and will be repeated next year. We’d really appreciate your feedback on the event – was it worthwhile for you, did you enjoy it, what could we improve for next year.

    But we’re back in the saddle now with news to report on a couple of fronts.

     Non-Frangible Rounds
    The UKPSF issued guidance on non-frangible rounds after the conference and has been in correspondence since with the Home Office and ACPO (Association of Chief Police Officers). The most recent reply from ACPO dated 27 April 2015 that makes the position very clear:

    “…as paintball markers are only designed to use frangible projectiles, they are unlikely to cause serious injury and would not be classed as “lethal barrelled”. That being so, they are not classified as firearms for the purposes of control under the Firearms Act 1968, as amended.
    “…proposing to use paintball markers making use of non- frangible ammunition would have serious implications for the paintballing community, as I have no doubt that this would mean restrictions on the possession and sale of any paintball markers which were considered to be “lethal barrelled” by virtue of the 1968 Act.”
    The letter goes on to say that independent testing should be conducted to determine whether ammunition is frangible and hence remain outside the Firearms Act. The UKPSF guidance in respect of rounds other than conventional paintballs is that they are outside the definition of frangible until such time as ballistic testing demonstrates otherwise.

    Allowing the use of such rounds runs the clear risk of paintball markers being re-classified as lethal barrelled weapons, bringing their sale and use within the Firearms Act and effectively killing the sport at large.

    The UKPSF has advised the importer of some such rounds of the ACPO correspondence and of the need for independent ballistic testing to be undertaken. The importer has agreed to contact the manufacturer.

    Until the outcome of such testing is known, the UKPSF’s position remains that such rounds should NOT be used because, in law, they turn a paintball marker into a firearm.

    Good progress has been made developing an online membership system, which will be fully automated and web-based, enabling new and renewing members to enter their details, upload a photograph and pay online. Once their details are uploaded and any fees have been paid, the member will receive a membership card by email to print out (and laminate if they wish) that will show their name, address, membership number and photo ID.

    The card will also include a QR code that can be read by any QR reader enabling event organisers, retailers, clubs and sites to check membership details.

    The system will allow a variety of online payment methods (credit and debit cards, Paypal and direct debit).

    The back office element of the system is already in place and work is in hand to develop a user-friendly front-end system that will be integrated into the UKPSF website. This is unlikely to be available until the end of June as we also need to re-do the main website to comply with the latest Google requirements (mainly that the website functions effectively on tablets and smart phones).

    Many thanks due to Paul Grover and Alan Craggs of Skirmish High Wycombe for their work developing the system and to Jock McCracken, and Kayleigh Stanton from the UKPSF Council for their efforts making it all happen.

    Sport recognition
    Getting paintball recognised formally as a sport in the UK has been a long-standing ambition of the Federation, as it will hopefully help raise public awareness of paintball as a sporting discipline. Such increased awareness and understanding has the potential to lead to greater participation, mainstream media coverage, access to development funding and, in the long term, even inclusion in multi-activity sport events (such as the Olympics).

    We have met with a board member of Sport England who has and will continue to provide advice on how to proceed. A key aspect of formal recognition is demonstrating the health benefits of paintballing because Sport England is judged by the impact its activities have on the nation’s health.

    On the advice of the board member, we have approached a university with a faculty of sport and medicine with a view to post-graduate research being undertaken to assess the health benefits of what we know can be a physically demanding sport. A meeting has been arranged with the university for later in May to explore what may be possible.

  • Non-frangible rounds

    11:33 16/02/2016

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    Posted on: May 5th 2016

    By: Kayleigh Stanton

    Members of the UK Paintball Sports Federation are reminded that intrinsic to the legal definition of a paintball marker is that it fires frangible ammunition. If a paintball marker is used to fire non-frangible rounds, it ceases to be considered as a paintball marker and is regarded as a firearm.

    Rounds such as First Strike and One-to-One rounds appear to the UKPSF not to meet the requirement to be frangible. Re-balls are a further example of non-frangible ammunition.

    In reminding members of the legal significance of markers firing frangible ammunition, the Federation is exercising a general duty of care to pass on to members information about which they should be aware in order that their activities remain within the law.

    The UKPSF has no power to impose bans. Nor does the UKPSF have power to enforce the law: individuals/companies have the responsibility to abide by legislation. However, it is the UKPSF’s position that to be sure of being lawful, only frangible ammunition should be used in paintball markers. Use of non-frangible ammunition is contrary to the UKPSF Code of Practice for Site Operators and may invalidate site &/or UKPSF player insurance.

    Testing by the Forensic Science Service (FSS) was undertaken on airsoft rounds to clarify the lethality limits for BBs. This type of testing may be an option so far as paintball ammunition is concerned to address the frangibility issue. The UKPSF will undertake to explore whether the FSS would undertake such testing and at what cost. Consideration can then be given to how such testing, if possible, could be funded.

    Hopefully this statement clarifies the position for members and corrects some of the misconceptions that have been in circulation.

  • Annual General Meeting: Notice of nominations and motions

    11:29 16/02/2016

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    Posted on: February 25th 2015

    By Bob Schofield

    In line with notices published on the website of the UK Paintball Sports Federation (UKPSF) and its Facebook pages, the closing date for nominations to the Council of the UK Paintball Sports Federation and for motions for the 2015 Annual General Meeting having passed.

    Notice is hereby given that no nominations were received from the membership for Council positions and accordingly the Council of four officers and representation of Trade, Sites, Players, Sport Recognition and SHEQ will be drawn from existing acting members of the Council who have indicated their readiness to continue to play a role. Those who have chosen to stand down, or who have not indicated a readiness to continue are: Ash Chaplen, Lee Wickham, David Thatcher, Alex Munro.

    No motions for consideration were received from members, and one motion was received from the Council in addition to those previously notified.

    The motion is: “That Steven Bull be appointed Honorary President of the UK Paintball Sports Federation.” (Proposed: Bob Schofield; Seconded: Antony Leadbetter and Don Logan).

    Bob Schofield, Acting Chair

  • A new look for the UK Paintball Sport Federation

    17:57 15/02/2016

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    Posted: May 13th 2014  

    By: Kayleigh Stanton

    The UK Paintball Sports Federation (UKPSF) has put a new governing body structure in place following Steve Bull’s decision to stand down as chairman. More than 20 figures from the world of paintball met last week and threw their weight behind the new governing body.
    Steve Bull said: “After more than 15 years as chairman of the UKPSF it’s time to focus on other aspects of my life. It’s been a privilege to be involved in the sport, but the volume of work means the UKPSF has to change and get a committed team involved.”
    “Despite the best efforts of the meeting to get me to stay, my mind is made up that I am standing down – though I’ll be available to provide background information on issues I’ve been handling to the new governing body as it finds its feet.”
    After a briefing from Steve on the history of the UKPSF and its present status, the meeting, which involved players from tournament, scenario, mag-fed and rec-ball as well as trade and sites, discussed a format for the new governing body and the issues it needs to tackle.

    The consensus around the table was that the UKPSF should involve all aspects of the sport in its governing body – the Council of the UKPSF – with the clear aim of working in the best interests of all those involved in the world of paintball.
    The meeting – held at Rodbaston Hall near Stafford – concluded that in addition to the usual officer roles found in any sporting association – chair, vice-chair, treasurer and secretary – there should be sub-committees focussing on specific issues, with the chair of each sub-committee being a member of the Council.
    Following a break-out with representatives from each aspect of the sport forming small groups to discuss ideas for the work of sub-committees and the full Council, a clear consensus emerged on what the Council should look like and the initial ideas for its work agenda.

    The favoured sub-committees were: Players, Sites, Trade, Sports Recognition and Standards.
    The Players, Sites and Trade sub-committees have a common goal of trying to increase membership through enhancing the benefits – financial and otherwise – of being in the UKPSF, whilst the Sports Recognition and Standards sub-committees do what it says on the tin.
    In addition, it was decided the Vice-Chair’s role should include handling Home Office/Police liaison, other legal issues, complaints and media relations, and may require a sub-committee to support that work.

    It was agreed each Council member and the sub-committees, once members were nominated or volunteered, would review the initial ideas for their roles and responsibilities and bring forward proposals to the first meeting of the new Council – due in the summer.
    The meeting then took nominations for the various officer and sub-committee roles, with the following emerging:

    Chair: Bob Schofield
    Vice-Chair: David Thatcher
    Treasurer: Jock McCracken
    Secretary: Kayleigh Stanton
    Players sub-committee: Chair: James Gregory; Vice-Chair: Craig Patterson; Members: Alex Munro, Kayleigh Stanton
    Sites sub-committee: Chair: Don Logan; Vice-Chair: Ainsley Baddely; Members: Tony McGinty, Jon Evans, Ged Green
    Trade sub-committee: Chair: Anthony Leadbetter; Vice-Chair: Ash Chaplen; members: Tim Taylor, Fraser Colley
    Sports Recognition: Chair: Lee Wickham; Vice-Chair: Jamie Pagett
    Standards: Chair: Scott Rathbone; Vice-Chair: Danny Bradshaw; Member: Eric Bell.

    The meeting also agreed that, if he was willing, Alex Heath should be co-opted for his expertise in paintballing for players with disabilities.

    Bob Schofield said: “Steve Bull has done such a sterling job over many years that he has become the ‘Voice of Paintball’ and everyone involved in the sport owes him a huge debt of gratitude.
    “Taking on the role of chairman is daunting to put it mildly, not least because Steve and the others involved in the Council have forgotten more about paintball than I will ever know after only just over three years in the business.
    “What I do have is 20 years’ experience of helping organisations achieve their business objectives, which is what I’ll be focussing on trying to do in the UKPSF. That’s going to be made easier by the commitment round the table to advancing the interests of the sport and everyone involved in it.

    “Deciding upon, and achieving, the objectives of the UKPSF requires the involvement and support of all aspects of the sport. The more the workload can be shared, the more manageable and achievable it will become. So I would urge anyone with an interest in helping shape the future direction of the sport to contact members of the Council and its sub-committees and get involved. Each will be able to offer a flavour of the areas they’ll be considering.”

    All the roles on the council and its sub-committees are ‘acting’ and elections will be held for all the posts at the next Annual General Meeting of the UKPSF. It was decided to form a Council of acting members in order to progress the work of the Federation, rather than having to wait for the next AGM to make a start.