UK Paintball Sports Federation


The UK Paintball Sports Federation (UKPSF) is a voluntary body that exists to promote and support the sport of paintball in all its various forms.

Members include players, companies operating and promoting paintball venues & events, as well are suppliers of paintball equipment and goods.

Code of Practice for Site Operators

Paintball is a high energy, high adrenalin sport and the UKPSF’s main focus is on promoting the enjoyment of the sport in a safe environment. Accordingly, UKPSF member venues subscribe to a Code of Practice for Site Operators, which was developed by the UKPSF and which is regarded by those venues, insurers, and local and national government bodies alike as the industry standard for paintball venues.

Code of Conduct for Players

In addition, the UKPSF has developed a Code of Conduct for Players, focusing on players with their own equipment who take part in tournaments and other events. (The safety and behavior of members of the public playing the sports as an occasional recreational activity are covered within the site operators’ Code of Practice).

Liaising with Government

Paintball is subject to a range of legislation and one of the UKPSF’s key roles is to draw the requirements of such legislation to the attention of its members. The UKPSF also liaises with Government as developments in the sport throw up questions regarding legal issues. In this role, the UKPSF is the ‘go to’ organisation for both national bodies (such as the Home Office and the Association of Chief Police Officers) and local authorities when seeking advice and guidance.

Sport Recognition

The UKPSF is also leading efforts to secure formal recognition of paintball as a sport in the UK and the opportunity that provides to raise public awareness of paintball as a sporting discipline. Such increased public awareness and understanding has the potential to lead to greater participation, mainstream media coverage, access to development funding and, in the long-term, even inclusion in multi-sport events (such as the Olympics).

UKPSF Membership

Having a broadly based and substantial membership is important to the UKPSF’s ability to represent the interests of paintball. Consequently another of the UKPSF’s objectives is constantly to increase the number of members. To that end, the UKPSF has developed schemes in conjunction with insurers and others to provide membership benefits for both players and companies involved in the sport. This is an on-going process that will see member benefits expanding and improving.

Membership is open to all with an interest in paintball and can now be obtained via the UKPSF’s membership system.